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Anshard is a cloud platform for economic analysis, financial information, rating and extensive research and analysis of your target market.

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Anshard is Europe's most innovative business platform for financial information, rating and official data from the EU Chamber of Commerce.

Business Analysis

Business information should be fast to read and easy to understand. We analyse the 4 last financial statements with an international standard classification for a fast comparison. Over 60 indexes and economy indicators are also included. All the data can be instantly exported in CSV into your financial models.

Corporate Network

It's finally possible to quickly understand what are the connections between shareholders and the governance. You will be able to see what other corporation is linked in the capital and who are the most important stakeholders inside the company.

Intuitive Information

Anshard's reports are easy to understand thanks to a more graphical approach to economical and legal information. Whether you need a quick evaluation or a more in-depth analysis we have designed our reports to adapt to our end-customer needs.

Real-time Data

You need an information? You should have it now. Waiting days for a business report to be delivered in your email is a thing of the past: with Anshard we gather all the data instantaneously from several sources and we analyse it in real-time. Anshard was built for being used during corporate meetings or exhibitions and fairs: where time is essential.

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